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Welcome to France, Mr. Music !

lundi 25 novembre 2019, par Mme Baron.

Gordon McFarland is American and he has come to Cherbourg to teach us to speak English. He comes from Portland, Oregon. His birthday is July 27th so he is a Leo. His favorite genres of music are Jazz, Funk, and Soul. His favorite food is Shepherd’s Pie, because he prefers American food to French food.

His favorite sport to watch and play is basketball, and he also loves to playing piano. He has played since he was six years old, and trumpet in high school. He is an only child, he has had five dogs.
He has three wishes for the world ; that every country has no borders, that every human has potable water, and that there are no guns in the world.

He has visited five countries ; Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada, Iceland, and France ; and France is his favorite.
Since the 1st of October 2019, he has worked at two different schools ; St Sauveur Le Vicomte and Émile Zola. He works with us in EURO class for our project about media.
He will work in France until the end of April, and after, he will travel with his girlfriend in Europe.

Gordon has met other language assistants in Cherbourg and the surrounding cities.
His favorite city in France is Montpellier because he met fun people in the youth hostel, and they stayed friends. As well he likes going to the beach and swimming in the ocean.

Gordon, Jade & Raphaëlle, 4è Euro