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Pupils of E.ZOLA discovered the long walk to freedom of Nelson Mandela.

vendredi 23 mai 2014, par Mme Baron.

On Friday April 16th, all the third pupils and ULIS saw the movie about the life of Nelson Mandela : Mandela, a long walk to freedom. We went to the Odéon. The movie lasts 2:32 hours. There were two groups : the Euro group saw the movie in English with subtitles and the other group saw it in french.

The film is part of the project : « Ceux qui ont dit non »

This film relates the life of Nelson Mandela from his childhood to the elections. Nelson Mandela was against the apartheid : racial segregation and discrimination in South-Africa.

We think this film is very good .

The cast acts well. They play their roles perfectly, particurlarly Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela.
Furthermore the images are very clear. Inserting real documentary images and videos gives the movie another interesting aspect.

We recommend this film to everyone. Go to the cinema and see it !

Maud GRENIER, Margaux JARDIN, Elodie LAMOUR and Juliette GOUHIER